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What is the difference between System and Update?

As far as it regards the PP Software it is crucial to distinguish between Update and System.

The System is the more powerful software package of PHOTO PLAY and offers in comparison to the Update more games and more features. For technical reasons the System can only be applied  for terminals of the generation: PRO, XTREME and PLUS.

The Update is the software package for terminals of the generation 2.1. It contains less games and less features than the system, but is still from a tremendous value as far as it regards the cash boxes of the operators!

In order to allow operators form 2.1 terminals to take advantage of the extraordinary features of the system software package, funworld has developed the powerful Plus Kit. The Plus Kit takes the 2.1 terminals to the latest technological level. 

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13 new games and a trendy design guarantee a fascinating game experience. If card games, skill games or FUN games, PHOTO PLAY 2011 guarantees best entertain-ment and huge fun:

Atlantis, BlobBopper, Cosmix Stacker, Dirty Larry, Backgammon Plakoto, Conny’s Cards, Cracker Jack, Hexlines, Horror Haunt, On the Fly, Rommé, Spaceballs and Star Blocks.

The absolute challenge 
With RomméSpaceballs, Backgammon Plakoto and Dirty Larry FOUR exciting MULTIPLAYER games encourage players all over the world to challenge each other in real-time competitions. Up to four players can match directly at the same time. 

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2010PHOTO PLAY 2010



15 years of pure game playing fun!


PHOTO PLAY 2010 is a first class special anniversary edition on the occasion of
PHOTO PLAY’s 15th jubilee and the guarantee of great entertainment as well as a unique game experience. With its 17 brand new games, it is providing the biggest and best game update ever. They include four of the top class and immensely popular Yetisport games that always give the ultimate in game pleasure.

17 new games to sweep you off your feet

The attractive PHOTO PLAY 2010 game range comprises Scary MaryCockroach Fever,ElementsHouse of HorusRingsSpacegemMicro OlympicsBattle DiceNewtonAdd CardsHen CoopsDaVinciWord Shuttle and also the Yetisports games Albatros OverloadJungle SwingPenguins Revenge and Pengu Throw SE.

The new games are an outstanding spread of cards, quiz, skill and FUN games. More than this, they have all been optimised for the PHOTO PLAY MASTERS tournament system which is a unique core competence of PHOTO PLAY.

Two new multiplayer games are provided in PHOTO PLAY 2010 with Battle Dice andElements, bringing the total of multiplayer games offered in most countries up to 17.

Multiplayer is a thrilling head-2-head player function in which players face each other in online contests. Up to four players can challenge each other simultaneously and play either move by move or in parallel. Tournament confrontations are also possible in the Multiplayer Cup with sophisticated ranking lists and status systems recording the international successes players have to their credit.

The four Yetisports games are a successful continuation of the cooperation with Root9 begun last year and providing a unique opportunity for the player to plunge into Yeti’s fascinating world full of penguins and albatrosses. Anyone setting it up profits above all from the high brand awareness and the sympathetic Yetisports games image.

System 2010 - including 4 exciting Yetisports Games