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First games platform for operators- www.funwincy.com

Benefit from the booming online games market with an own amusement arcade in the Internet!

As well-known producer of amusement terminals funworld has developed withfunwincy.com a unique gaming platform especially for the coin-op business for the first time.

The new gaming platform funwincy.com aims to connect the classical PHOTO PLAY terminal operation with the great chances of the Internet optimally, enabling operators to take part in the fast growing online games market and to broaden their business segment by opening a personal amusement arcade in the Internet.

Through funwincy.com funworld shows its leading role as innovator and entertainment specialist of the branch once more and continues with its multi-product strategy consequently.

funwincy.com also reflects funworld’s long-term expertise in the development of games as well as its high competence in networking touchscreen game terminals. Furthermore, the new gaming platform emphasizes the company’s profound know-how in the management of online terminals and the development of additional online applications or features clearly.




funwincy.com — 4 fascinating categories:


  • Fun Games

The Fun Games category captivates players especially with popular PHOTO PLAY games like Fun Towers, Solitär or Shanghai in the Single Player Mode. Players can train their skills and prepare themselves ideally for the exciting challenges in the Real Money section.


  • Jackpot Tournament

Frequently changing Jackpot Tournaments appeal to players effectively because of their temporary tournaments with the chance of winning. The Jackpot is here constantly increasing, depending on the number of players and games played.


  • Multiplayer Challenge

With the Multiplayer Challenge funworld has developed a completely new and unique kind of tournament: Players start their own tournaments or join already existing ones. The fascinating particularity of the Multiplayer Challenge is the possibility to decidethemselves on the number of the takers and the amount of the required stakes. Due to the fact that there is a shift of time between the tournaments, players can participate simultaneously in diverse challenges.


  • Multiplayer Match

The experience of the direct duel is the striking point of the Multiplayer Match. The players compete live and in real time against each other. The winner is found at the end of the match and his or her prize is booked onto the winner’s funwin.com account immediately.